Thursday, February 11, 2010

PiNk OuT!

The Pink Out! is coming up on Saturday, Feb. 13. I am so dang excited about it! - a little bummed because Nic or my parents won't be there. :( Luckily, the dance team is also performing tomorrow night at KU's basketball halftime - dress rehearsal! The dance is really coming together and my 80's outfit is complete: pink, pink and more pink! Here is a Q/A card that is going in the pink t-shirts being handed out at the game...
Q: What is the Pink Out!?
A: An opportunity for OIT and for you to show your support of cancer awareness.
Q: Why wear pink tonight for cancer awareness?
A: OIT honors the late President Martha Anne Dow who died of breast cancer.
Q: Why does OIT care about awareness?
A: President Martha Anne Dow's own vision of a Center for Health Professions at OIT has created a place where students are educated to become the health professionals of tomorrow. Many of these graduates work to detect cancer and other diseases, to treat patients and to care for them.
Q: Why is Pink Out! tonight?
A: President Dow was known to be a passionate Hustlin' Owls fan.
This game is going to be huge! 1 Pink Out! 2 we're playing SOU 3 this game could be Danny Mile's 900th win 4 this game could also be the 35th consecutive home game win 5 last performance of the dance team. HUGE! Seriously so excited! I will def take lost of pictures of my 80's get-up. Time to get my 80's PINK on!
On another pink note...Chris Maples (OIT pres) sends a monthly e-mail/newsletter. My friend and I were featured in this months Maples Report - famous! Ok, not really. We were sporting the pink t-shirts. Here is the pic:

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Sounds like some fun times ahead!