Tuesday, September 7, 2010

FrAnKaThA's WeDdInG

Me and my friend, Chelsea headed to San Diego for our friend's (Tabatha) wedding. We left Thursday, August 26. Our flight left an hour late out of Klamath. Me and Chelsea waiting...
Finally on the plane to San Francisco
By the time we got to SF, we missed our connecting flight to San Diego. We waited for 6 hours! Good thing we know how to have fun. We were on the standby for a few flights and finally made it on! Yay for our boarding passes! :)
In beautiful CA. We rented a Nissan Versa.
Chelsea and me ready for a night on the town...or out to dinner
I want these sunglasses.
Chelsea, Robert, Kelda and me headed to dinner at Chijli's. Kelda and me. So good.
Friday morning we headed over to Bert's (Tabatha's bro) house to help with the set up of the rehearsal dinner and finish making the ring ceremony programs.
Chelsea, Kelda and I headed to the beach to catch some rays...not so much. The sun decided to hide behind all of the clouds. My cute new suit I bought. Love it!
At the beach! Kelda, Chelsea and me. Chelsea and I got in the water...brrr! I thought California beaches were supposed to be warm. Not so much! Let's just say there was a lot of girly screaming and running away from the waves - we did get in eventually.
The beach we hung out at. The water might have been cold but we still managed to have have tons of fun.
It was then off to a rehearsal dinner and the bachelorette party. Tabatha got all of her bridesmaids super cute gifts. We all got t-shirts that said this on the front and then on the back it was "Bridesmaid (last name)." Such a cute idea.
First stop was pedicures at a cosmetology school. Allanah and me. She was my pedicure-ist. Such a sweet girl and she did an awesome job. I got a french tip, except it was a black tip instead. Fabulous.
At the Melting Pot for dessert fondue. Yummy. It's next to the Hyatt in downtown San Diego. Dessert and bachelorette gifts. :)
All of the bridesmaids. Such a FUN night. Finally left at about 12:30 am.
Saturday morning. Chelsea and me headed to the temple for a session and the sealing. So amazing. We both felt the spirit so strong. :) Such a neat experience to be in the temple with Tabatha.
While waiting for the couple to come out of the temple, might was well take some pics (me, Chelsea and Allanah). I know Allanah from junior high. I haven't seen her since I was a freshman in college (2001). So great to see her. She gets married in January!
Back of the temple. So pretty. There was scaffolding on the front of the temple but it doesn't matter what the box looks like. What matters is what's inside the box (the pearl). Great story told by the temple president who sealed Tabatha and Frank.
It's official! They're married (Frank and Tabatha)!
Back to the resort to set up for the ring ceremony - beautiful ceremony. I sang a song by Sarah Evans. Photo time - me and Allanah jumping!
Allanah, me and Chelsea after the ring ceremony
At the reception. The bride and groom - they look so happy :)
Allanah and me at the reception - we missed our men folk during the dancing portion. There was great food, fun dancing, the boquet toss, the garter toss, first dances, toasts, and fun.
Chelsea, Robert, Kelda and Me going for a walk on the beach late at night - long day of wedding fesitivities.
Hole on the beach = great photo opp. Me and Chelsea.
Early morning at the San Diego airport - we were both ready to go home to our families
What a great time I had in San Diego. I was so grateful to be a part of this wonderful time in Tabatha and Frank's life. So happy for the two of them!


Warrior Princess said...

love you alli!! had so much fun, and i got sunburnt at that beach...of course :)see ya around chica!

Tara said...

Looks like so much fun!

and ps I am having major envy of your hair right now, I am ready to take a big, shiny pair of scissors to mine!