Monday, September 27, 2010


My a.m.azing friend, Lauren (aka Macky) came to visit from L.A. Ever since we met in 2005, roomies for 3 years, we've been best friends since.
Thursday. Her plane arrived early, so Nic and I weren't even there to greet her at the airport. Oops!
I even made her a sign to hold when she came through the 1 and only gate at the Klamath Falls airport. Friday. We stayed up until 3 a.m. the night before talking. :) So good to have my bestie in town. We met Nic for lunch at Taco Bell - good memories from the Burg. We did some walking around downtown on Main St. and headed home to work on the food. We of course made Golden Graham Treats. A must. Working on making breadsticks. It was so sticky! It felt like I was making taffy, but they turned out really yummy! So excited! Me and my love. :) Busy making delicious Peasant Pasta. So good. Later that night we headed up to my rents house to go hot tubbing. Back at home to partake of the deliciousness. Saturday. Got FREE hydromassages at a Salon. Isn't Nic so funny? FREE massages. Home to get ready for the RS broadcast. A girl I know asked me: "Who died"? Don't be hatin' on the all black look. We then went to my parents house for dinner. My parents had to see Lauren, because who wouldn't want to see her? She's the best. Sunday. Lauren headed to Primary with me. True friend. haha Relaxed, ate food and watched movies until she had to head home. :( You know something is good because you are always left wanting more. I did not want to see her go. It was so fun having her come visit us. We haven't seen each other in a year! Too long. If I had a $$$ tree, I would go see her a lot more. Thank you Macky for the good always! Love you bestie!

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Lauren MacKenzie Conley said...

Aw. I love you tons!

And, according to you - you already HAVE a money tree!!

You lied to me?!?!