Wednesday, April 6, 2011

DaY 1

My first day of GF (Gluten Free) living went well.

Breakfast: orange, grapes, string cheese. Normally I would have something more filling, but I didn't have many GF choices.

Lunch: Taco Time with my rents. I had the Pork Carnita Street Tacos. So good. They came on corn tortillas (which I can have), pork, cilantro, lettuce and lime. No complaints there.

Dinner: Spaghetti and corn. We had the spaghetti with GF spaghetti noodles and they tasted just like the regular noodles. It was tasty.

Dessert: GF cookies thanks to Betty Crocker. I will admit they were a little gritty, but that's because of the different flour they used, but overall I thought they were tasty. I'm not sure Nic was such a fan. ;)

My amazing mom went grocery shopping for me yesterday. She went to Fred Meyers and Sherms - they have an ok GF section. So helpful though! I have also been looking at other stores (on line) and in town to see what my options are. I will have to get creative with recipes. Lots of meat and veggies. How bad could that be?! :)

Day 1 of GF living went well.  Am I still experiencing some abdominal pain? Yes. Will it go away? Heck yes! I think it will take some time for it to completely clear out of my system.  Last night Nic and I cleaned out our pantry. Lots of things were given to neighbors, so it didn't go to waste. I was amazed at how much food has gluten in it. I was surprised that any Cream of... has gluten in it. Crazy! This will be learning experience for me - I have requested 9 books at the library. :)



KP said...

alli!! yay, im glad you're first day GF went well :) i know a few people who have the same thing as you and they said how amazing it was after they stopped eating gluten. happy you finally know what was wrong and that you're able to find good foods that are GF!! miss you! ps come to az so you can see shauna and me of course :)

Lauren MacKenzie Conley said...

I was going to comment, but stopped to read KP's first. A few things:
1. Most importantly, I miss you. LOTS.
2. I, too, am glad that day 1 went well. It will get easier, trust me.
3. I'm SUPER excited that you will be feeling better soon!
4. If you go to AZ, let me know. We could the next roomie reunion. (I want to try to go to AZ after I get back from London...HINT, HINT.)

Warrior Princess said... are awesome!!! i super duper love you and your amazing attitude!. :)