Monday, April 25, 2011


Nic's brother went out of town with his family, and we were able to watch this cute little guy - Brutis:
He is a sweet boy. He loves to snuggle and be warm. We had a fun week with him.

A lady I work with got us all Easter eggs. This was mine:
 It reminds me of how I feel after I eat gluten = BLAH. Everyone's egg had candy in it, but mine had a little something different. She said "I didn't know if you could eat candy or not." So sweet of her.

I finished Freakonomics (#51). This is my brother, Sam's favorite book. It was very interesting - a good read. Well I also left a note a post-it note in it:
 #81. I was supposed to watch My Fair Lady for a musical, but I could just not get through the beginning. Audrey Hepburn was sooo annoying! So instead, I watched Cats:
 I was inspired. haha

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