Friday, June 24, 2011

KiNdErGaRtEn DaTe

I have peaked your curiosity about the date I planned for us last Saturday night. I "stole" the idea from The Dating Divas - it was centered around the ABCs. Each letter of the alphabet stood for something we had to do. We went to the park...

 And flew Xena the Warrior Unicorn!

 Unfortunately she broke. She flew high in the sky though in all her glory.
 We made a delish GF pizza - it was uber good!
 We played a game - my piece was a bit crooked. haha
 SORRY! We hadn't played this game in forever, we had to read the instructions.
 Eating our tasty pizza in our living room - AKA a picnic!
 We also had a Cookie Monster (sorry no pics). Then came the drawing. We had to draw a picture of each other in crayon.
 I think we did pretty dang good for amateurs.
 I wrote out what we were to do. I had bought smiley face stickers (which remind me of elementary school) and we put one on each task we completed. Ta-da! All done!
 On a Father's Day note...I bought Nic a punching bag for a gift and made this cute little note to go along with it. Get it? "Strong." haha
 These last 2 pics are random. Don't mind my face - just look at the lipstick color. I tried out a sample of a new lipstick. What do you think?
 NASTY. DISGUSTING. EW. This Summer cockroach was on our ceiling...vaulted ceiling...I couldn't reach it when I was on a chair. He eventually moved and is now DEAD. Blah.


suzanne said...

Super fun idea! The summer bug (do not make me call it a cockroach because it's not really that)is disgustsing. Glad it's dead. It deserved it.....

Aaron & Carrie Warnick said...

What a cute Idea.... I love it. You are so creative! I love the lipstick but I hate Cockroaches. They give me the hebbie jebbies. I am glad you guys had a fun date... I love it.