Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I don't know if any of you are wondering about how the adoption process is going or maybe none of you are. I thought I would give an update...

At the beginning of the Summer, Nic and I both got the feeling that we needed to not proceed with adoption. After everything we've been through since July 2010, our emotions needed a rest. Adoption isn't going to be a picnic. We told our case manager that we would notify him when we wanted to proceed. Nic and I decided to re-evaluate at the end of the Summer.

It's now September and we discussed things again and have still decided not to proceed right now. On one hand it's hard for us not to proceed because we want children, but on the other hand we know it's the right thing. We want our marriage and ourselves to be the best they can be. If our emotions aren't stable, then adoption is going to be a longer and tougher journey then it needs to be.

It has been a tough journey already, but we are so happy right now. I personally feel that our marriage is stronger because of it. I'm going to be honest - having Harrison around has helped me deal with my emotions. It's fun to be able to take care of something with Nic. I'm sure that sounds wierd, but he has helped keep me focused on other things. Don't get me wrong - sometimes my emotions get the best of me. I'm grateful that Nic and I have the unique opportunity to adopt - we can prolong the experience for our parents to have grandbabies around. :) We won't be "popping" kids out one after the other. It's been a well worth it journey and I'm grateful I get to have my best friend by my side.

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Mamaappah said...

Allison, glad to read your update. You are such an amazing woman, and I know you are led by the spirit in all the decisions you make. Your loved by so many including your Heavenly Father and I know that he will take care of you and Nic and the needs of your family. Continue to be wise and faithful, love ya!