Wednesday, September 14, 2011

TuLeLaKe FaIr

 This past weekend we headed to the Tulelake Fair with my rents and my brother's (Ben) family. My nephews went on rides while we watched and played games. Here are my adorable, wonderful rents (drinks always in hands):
 Me and the love
 My dad and Calvin (he would not look at the camera)
 Shaving a sheep. When they do this, they put the sheep in a position that pinches  a nerve in their back to temporarily "paralyze" the sheep. The sheep can still move and it doesn't hurt them. Crazy.
 Cows have such cute faces
 Love the color of this one
 "Baby" cow - not so small like a baby
 Who knew you could ride a cow?!
 Hope no one is looking for their foot...
 Robin Hoof (Cow in tights)
 I love him
The winning ping pong ball. Nic won us a gold fish...that died a few days later! 
 Nic won the snake and teddy bear (in his pocket) for Harrison
We had a great time at the fair. It was great seeing the Stewart family as well. 

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Dani said...

Love the fair! Sounds like you guys had a great time!