Saturday, December 31, 2011

30Th BiRtHdAy

Nic turned the big 3-0 this year and I wanted to do something special for him, so what did I do for him?
Throw him a surprise party of course!
With my parents help, I got him out of the house to set up while everyone showed up. :)
It turned out so well and I even kept it a secret for over a month.
This party came with a chocolate fountain with oh so many things to dip (i.e. bacon [yeah, that's right], cookies of all kinds, gummies, pretzels, and so much more).
We also played what I like to call "Nictionary." Played just like the good ol' regular Pictionary, but with clues about Nic. 
I think he had a great time - I fun planning and celebrating with friends and family.
After the party, the birthday boy opened presents.
This t-shirt had Nic written all over it - if only it said "Diet."
 Who doesn't like Reese's and Sharpie pens?
 Candied Pecans
 His own personal non-gluten-free food: chocolate chip cookie dough

 The Grill Master with a new grill set
Happy Birthday Neeko! Hope you had a happy one!


Summer said...

Glad Nic had a great birthday!

nic + alli said...

As you can tell he loved the Reese's and pens! So sweet of you!