Friday, December 30, 2011


Where did I leave off with my back?...
I had an appointment with an ortho doc (Dr. Conaughty) and I really liked him. Discussed pain levels, movement, activities, etc. Got more X-Rays done. Scheduled me for a MRI for December 29.
It's a blessing and a curse to work at the hospital: you can look at the results of your tests.
I looked. Some things I knew, but unfortunately some things I didn't know.
Follow up with the ortho doc on...wait for it...January 31! That was the soonest I could get in - I am on a waiting list.
I will discuss with him the next course of action.
Until then. Trial of my patience.

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suzanne said...

During that trial would you please keep doing your core exercises? Thank you - love, your mother!