Tuesday, June 28, 2011

WiSh LiSt

White handbag. Any cute one will do.
Want curls? I do.
                                                                    This hairstyle.

                                                                 Crackle nail polish.

                                                                      Salon Effects.

I have been released as the Primary Chorister after 2 1/2 years (I am still the Ward Choir Director). It was a bitter/sweet moment. However, I'm still in primary as the Secretary in the Primary Presidency. I'm looking forward to a change of pace but grateful I still get to be around my kiddos.

On Sunday, there was a little boy who gave a talk in Junior Primary:
- What do you in church? Go to primary.
- What do you do in primary? We sing!
- Who's your favorite teacher? The singing lady!
- What's your favorite song? The one about Joseph Smith.
- Can you sing the song? TRAITORS!
- My favorite song is "Praise to the Man."

It made me so happy to hear that this little boy loves singing time and that there are many kids who learned a lot from me.

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Friday, June 24, 2011

KiNdErGaRtEn DaTe

I have peaked your curiosity about the date I planned for us last Saturday night. I "stole" the idea from The Dating Divas - it was centered around the ABCs. Each letter of the alphabet stood for something we had to do. We went to the park...

 And flew Xena the Warrior Unicorn!

 Unfortunately she broke. She flew high in the sky though in all her glory.
 We made a delish GF pizza - it was uber good!
 We played a game - my piece was a bit crooked. haha
 SORRY! We hadn't played this game in forever, we had to read the instructions.
 Eating our tasty pizza in our living room - AKA a picnic!
 We also had a Cookie Monster (sorry no pics). Then came the drawing. We had to draw a picture of each other in crayon.
 I think we did pretty dang good for amateurs.
 I wrote out what we were to do. I had bought smiley face stickers (which remind me of elementary school) and we put one on each task we completed. Ta-da! All done!
 On a Father's Day note...I bought Nic a punching bag for a gift and made this cute little note to go along with it. Get it? "Strong." haha
 These last 2 pics are random. Don't mind my face - just look at the lipstick color. I tried out a sample of a new lipstick. What do you think?
 NASTY. DISGUSTING. EW. This Summer cockroach was on our ceiling...vaulted ceiling...I couldn't reach it when I was on a chair. He eventually moved and is now DEAD. Blah.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sunday, June 5, 2011

JuSt ThE sAmE

Infertility. I don't like this word. I never have and never will. What does this word make you think of? Sadness. Anger. Sorrow. Fear. Dread. Disappointment. Inadequacy. Failure. I don't like to say that this word is now a permanent part of the Phair Family (us), but it is. A lot of people don't really know how to react to people with infertility issues. Family. Friends. Co-workers. How do you respond to this? I wouldn't know. What I do know is what infertility feels like. (It's not fun)

Is there any good that comes from infertility? My answer: Heck of the Yes! You gain a stronger bond with your husband. Love for your Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ grows stronger. Faith grows. Testimony grows. You learn about the Atonement and how to truly rely on it. You learn how to truly talk with Heavenly Father through prayer. There is joy through all of these lessons learned. You learn of a lot of other people who know what's it like. (It's a lot more common then you think) The word infertility is an ugly one, but what you gain because of it is beautiful. If you know of a loved one or a friend or co-worker that is struggling with infertility, read this article. This is the best article that I have read that "hits the nail on the head." This is what infertility feels like.

I'm happy to say that we have not let infertility take over our lives or our marriage like I know it can. It can destroy marriages, but it has made us stronger. It can hurt your testimony, but it has strengthened ours. It can burden your families and friends, but you have a stronger relationship with them because of it. You learn that an eternal family's love can not end, but only get stronger. So thank you infertility for your lessons. I never thought infertility would be part of my life nor that I would ever be thanking it, but I am. Go read that article. It gives you a better understanding. I would also hope that you read this poem. Beautiful.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

HaRrIs BeAcH 2011

For Memorial Day, we are trying to make it a tradition to go camping in Brookings, OR. Harris Beach is a really nice state park that we love to camp at. We had been watching the weather and it was always forecasting rain rain and more rain. We were praying for good weather. When we got there Thursday, it was...raining of course! We set up camp and got a bit wet...

The next morning, we made some breakfast and ate it in our car because the picnic table was soaking wet! Scrambled eggs and cherries - yum!
This is what our campsite looked like the next day. It is supposed to look like that. Nic said it looked "white trash." haha I don't think it looked that bad. We bought that canopy in Brookings - $20. Priceless.
It's not raining! 
We had a little bunny friend that loved to chill at our campsite. People would walk by and be so quite and cautious. We weren't because he was always there. They were jealous. 
 We went and bought another canopy at Rite Aide. Another $20 well spent. They lasted all weekend too. Nic now said that it doesn't look "white trash" anymore.
Nic planned an early birthday surprise for Friday night. On our way to who knows where...
SISKIYOU WEST to go horseback riding on the beach. Just the 2 of us (and a guide, Ed). How romantic! This ranch is about a 1/2 mile off the highway. About 50 horses, we learned, that all get ridden. They had ducks and bunnies and also this guy: part wolf, part dog. He was pacing back and forth the whole time we were there. He wasn't mean, but then again we didn't go up and try to pet him. 
 Nic getting on his horse: Ebony.

I rode Siskiyou. When we got down to the beach, we ran down the beach and then we ran back. As soon as my horse knew we were back to the trail, he wanted to go back. Not so much. So what does he do? Rears up on his hind legs! Multiple times! Did I fall off? Pssh. Of course not. I held my cool to try to get him to stop. haha I'm actually surprised I didn't fall off and I may have wet my pants. haha He finally did stop - "He hasn't done that in a year." I was a bit nervous after that, so Nic and I switched horses. Siskiyou needed a firmer hand. Ebony was a good fit for me. :)
Picture perfect. 
This is mad skills right here. This picture was taken while we were galloping. Go me. 
Me and Ebony. 
Me and the devil. Look at his eyes. He even looks angry.
 But of course, he wasn't angry with Nic. 
Siskiyou West used to be an old schoolhouse back in the day. 
Yes. There is a dog in that mess. Charlie.
 On our way back to camp, we pulled off to the side of the road to get some pics.
 When we got back to camp, my eye started freaking out. It started to feel pink eye-ish. I could not find anything in my eye, yet I kept picking at it. I washed it out with saline multiple times. This is what it ended up looking like. Can you tell which eye it was?
 During low tide, there is a cut off of the highway and a hike down to a beach. Low tide means you can go beach hopping.
 This picture is deceiving. It looks like the beach is right there, when in all actuality the rock I'm standing on is about 25 ft above the water. 
 This year, the low tide wasn't very low so we weren't able to go beach hopping. Instead we chilled on one of the beaches.
 Enjoying our time together. :)
 Oh. Yes.
 During the days, it was beautiful weather. No rain. Windy at times, but mostly beautiful. It would rain at night mostly while we were sleeping. This night it did start to sprinkle and I had to get a pic of my pink kid's poncho Nic got me. Love it.
 You always have to roast mallows while camping. 
 Saturday was the Azalea Parade, because after all, this weekend was the Azalea Festival. I have pictures of the parade, but there on my phone. I forgot to bring the camera. Dumb dumb Alli. This parade was forever and a half long - still a good one though.
 We walked around some shops.
 Sunday we of course went to church...only sacrament meeting. Still good doobies though. :) We walked around Azalea Park and ran into some deer.
 The Azalea weekend wouldn't be true if we didn't get a picture with the beautiful Azaleas.
 Thank you to Nic for the hair accessory.
 We wandered around some tide pools down on actual Harris Beach. There were quite a few star fish and sea anemones.
 I'm King of the Rock! (notice the awesome wind hair)
 We also found a crab. A dead crab. That sweet wind hair again. It was soooo windy!
 We were nervous it would be raining on Monday morning when we packed up, but luckily it was perfect weather. And we're off after a great vaca at Harris Beach.