Monday, September 16, 2013

TuLeLaKe FaIr

On Friday, September 6 we headed to the Tulelake Fair.
My dad drove Everett and I to meet up with Dani and her kids and my mom (Nic met us later).
Before the fair, I ejoyed snapping some pictures of my big 10 month old.

He was squinting when I took this picture
 Look how grown up he looks?!
 He was crawling all over me and wouldn't sit still for very long
 Stroller buddies: Everett and Beckett

 Sisters. Sisters.
 Watching the pig races
 Becoming a little more adventurous with grass

 After the kids rode some rides, we ate dinner and headed to the rodeo.
 Doesn't he look so thrilled to be taking a selfie with mom? haha
 The lights of the fair.
Until next year...maybe Everett will ride some rides?

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Lohmeiers said...

So cute! I can't believe how big Everett is! What a cute family you are