Tuesday, September 3, 2013

JuNe & JuLy & AuGuSt

Can you say it's been awhile since this lovely blog was updated? It's been awhile...
It's September and Everett will be 10 months in just 2 days. He has changed so much!
JUNE He loves to play with Diet Mt Dew bottles.
 He loved Harrison. Yes I said loved. We don't have him anymore but that didn't happen until July-ish.
 Nic and Everett attended the dance recital at the dance school I teach at.
 Just rollin' around

JULY Not much happened in this month. 
Still getting more handsome everyday.
 By looking at this picture you would think he was crawling...he wasn't.
 He couldn't quite figure out how to get his arms and legs working together in tandem.
AUGUST Everett learned how to sit up from a crawling position. He loves sitting and playing with toys...mommy loves it too. ;)
 Shortly after this picture was taken he tipped over and hit his head on the entertainment center. Oops!
 Still trying to figure out how to crawl.
 He turned 9 months in August. He is one healthy growing boy.
Ht: 2' 3.76" (23%)
Wt: 18 lb 12.4 oz (33%)
Head: 17.76" (50%)
 What a stud!
 Eatin' a snack
 He loves jumping in his Johnny Jumper.
 A few decorations I FINALLY hung in his room. Love this. He loved looking at the picture of his special birth parents. :)

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