Tuesday, May 27, 2014

PaRt 2

*Don't forget about Part 1*
Sunday morning we headed to Crescent City, CA for Ocean World Aquarium.
Ridin' the surf board!

You go on a guided tour through the aquarium, so we passed the time by hanging out in the gift shop. 
Tide pools

This is part of a whale's vertebrae. Part of one. 
Leopard Shark 
Don't know what kinds of fishes these are. The guy was telling us what kind, but I wasn't exactly paying attention. Everett was more fun to listen to and watch.  
Bat Ray 
Those are sturgeons behind the Bat Ray. They are baby sturgeons and they were huge! 
Shark petting tank. Everett's arm wasn't quite long enough to pet them, but Nic and I did. They were so smooth. 

Now time for the sea lion and seal show! 

These funny seals made the funniest noises! 
Cora the sea lion. 

She was given a command to go get her ball and she did it! 
She jumped up from the water. It was a pretty long ways away! 
Whee!!! Down the slide we go! 

Time for Everett to take a ride on the surf board 

And a random space ship. 

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suzanne said...

I love the pic of Rev on the surfboard! He's really got the moves! Great trip for you all!