Wednesday, May 7, 2014

18 MoNtHs

This little guy turned 18 months (on May 5).
Where has the time gone!? He is so much fun to have around...most of the time.
He's so independent and even more so now. He loves to play by himself and with others.
He loves to share his toys with you - he'll keep one and then give one to you. He'll come and take whatever he gave to you, but he'll always give you the exact same one back. 
 He knows he's cute so he tries to get away with naughty things by cheesin' it up.
He loves any show with singing in it. As soon as he hears a song on the TV, he'll stop dead in his tracks and listen (Frozen is one of his favs). He fits in well with this family. :) 
 Everett loves to play with Chewy, although I think he's a little intimidating to Chewy. haha I will find him laughing hysterically standing next to the dog. I'm sure Chewy was licking his fingers. 
Everett is quite the chatter box, although I can't understand a lot of what he's saying, but he always has something to say. I'm sure the language will come soon. There are phrases that he says, but he loves to talk (like his mom and dad). We do love having this little guy around and love watching him grow! 


suzanne said...

18 months! How is that even possible? Sure glad he's in our family!

Sumo @ Sumo's Sweet Stuff said...

He is so cute - can't wait to see him and get to know him better!