Tuesday, May 27, 2014

PaRt 3

*Don't forget about Parts 1,2*
After Ocean World we went back down to the harbor for the car show. There were a lot more cars and Nic couldn't stay away. ;) After walking around for awhile we headed to Loeb Park (where we normally camp) for a BBQ picnic.
Everett is looking behind him because Nic was drumming on the bench. 
Loeb sits along the Chetco River, so after eating we headed for a walk down by the river. 
After our lovely BBQ we went back to the hotel for the evening. 
Monday morning brought packing up and heading home.
Before heading home we went to Crescent City for lunch and checked out the Marine Mammal Center.
It's a rescue place for seals and sea lions.

Little babies! 

Right outside of Crescent City we witnessed a TERRIBLE car accident. We immediately stopped to help. So many police cars, fire trucks, ambulances. We had to give our statements because we were witnesses. After that hiccup were back on the road. We stopped in Medford to say hi to family for a little bit. Made it safely home - such a nice little vaca!


Lauren Conley said...

Glad you guys were safe! It looks like such a fun trip and I still cannot believe how big Rev is!

Sumo @ Sumo's Sweet Stuff said...

Such a fun tradition!