Tuesday, July 1, 2014

At SeA: June 18

We were at sea all day traveling in international waters.
Daily selfie.

 After a delightful breakfast and enjoying some hot chocolate, we met up with Dan and Margie in the Oceanview Cafe and hung out with them for 2 hours! 
We then went to an afternoon show of a magic show - the same guy who did the magic show last night, but it was a whole new show. Wait for it...I got asked to go up on stage! Two other guys and I were asked to assist with a big illusion - I got to inspect a big canvas body bag, lock up a trunk and hold the key and tie 5 knots.. I still have no idea how he did it. Because of my spiky hair, he told me I looked like Kate (from the TLC show with her 8 kids). After the show, people kept asking me how he did the trick and I literally have no clue how. It was impressive and I was standing right next to him. People called me Kate or magic show. It was fun to assist. :) After the show, Nic and Dan played a game of ping pong in the Quasar. 
 We enjoyed some yummy gelato. 

 I did enjoy these days at sea because they were so relaxing and there was always something going on. 
We got ready for the evening - formal night.We went to a cocktail reception and had a yummy dinner with Kevin in the Grand Epernay. After dinner we  headed to Solstice - a cirque show. 

 This guy was balancing on 2 thin little poles.
 He then was balancing on 2 thin little poles with blocks. He then knocked the blocks off one at a time. 

After the show we met up Dan and Margie and hung out for a little while.
After the picture below was taken a group of people came up to me and wanted a picture with me, the now famous person for being in the magic show. Let's just say they had a few drinks in them...
I can't explain the picture below because honestly I don't remember the significance of it. I remember it being funny at the time. It was late...

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