Thursday, July 3, 2014

ViCtOrIa: JuNe 19

After enjoying room service breakfast this morning, we headed for our massages. Yes, there's a spa on board. I had an aromatherapy massage by Claudia. I had quite a few knots. We then enjoyed the Persian Garden for some added relaxation. We got cleaned up and took a daily selfie.
We then enjoyed a lunch with Dan, Margie, Josh and Davlyn in the Grand Epernay. We then headed to the farewell show with Broncar Lee in the Solstice Theater.
Dan and Margie
Josh and Davlyn
Broncar Lee beat boxing with a harmonica. So impressive.
Broncar asked for a volunteer to come up on stage - someone who hasn't been drinking. N shot his hand in the air. Broncar asked him how many drinks he'd had - N's answer was 0. Broncar asked N how many fingers he was holding up and obviously N answered correctly and up on stage he went. They're doing a manly booty bump.
N giving Broncar a drum roll to...drink water.
N helped Broncar keep time (beats per minute) for juggling on his homemade drum. He set a new record of 180 BPM. Very impressive.
N and Broncar Lee. 
Broncar Lee gave him a signed CD.
After the show we headed back to our room to pack and await our arrival into Victoria, B.C. We arrived around 5 PM but couldn't disembark until around 6.

 Selfie in Victoria
 Welcome to Canada, eh?

 We headed onto a double decker bus with our friends for a tour around the city.

 I saw more wildlife here in Victoria than in Alaska.

 I wish I could remember how many mosaic tiles it took to make this - it was a lot.

 The tallest totem pole in North America


After our tour, there was an Allied farewell reception in the natural history museum.
 The closest I ever got to a bear on this cruise.
 After mingling and eating food, we walked around downtown Victoria.
 It says: Welcome to Victoria.

 After getting back on the ship later tonight, we spent some time talking with Josh and Davlyn in the Quasar.  Then it was off to bed and when we wake up in the morning, we'll be in Seattle.

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Sam said...

Seeing Victoria makes me miss our band trips up there. Beautiful city!