Tuesday, July 8, 2014

HoMe: JuNe 20

Last night we were in Canada, this morning we woke up back in Seattle.
Morning selfie. Right back where we started. Literally.
How the disembarkation works...
You are assigned a number, given luggage tags, and you don't get off until your number is called. 
We had to have our luggage waiting outside our room the night before with our luggage tags.
The next morning, we waited until our number was called. Got off the ship. Found our luggage. Went through customs. Took a bus to the airport and got checked in.
We met up with Dan, Margie, Josh and Davlyn one last time for lunch before we said our goodbyes and went our separate ways. 
 We flew from Seattle to Portland. Portland to Medford.

After arriving in Medford, we drove home and picked up our little Rev man. He was surprised to see me. Immediately reached out for me and pointed to the car and said "momma's car." 
Everytime I said goodbye to him over the next couple of days, he would start crying. I had to tell him the best I could that I was coming back. It was sweet in a way. :)

As per tradition in our family, we buy a magnet for every new place we visit.
Our Alaskan adventure magnet collection. 
 As you can tell, we had a great trip. We couldn't have had such a great trip without family and friends helping us out by watching Everett and Chewy. 
Thank you to everyone who helped us out! 
Thank you Celebrity Solstice for the great memories!

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