Monday, April 20, 2009

The Lord is My Light...& Sunshine

This weekend was absolutely WONDERFUL! I don't know how many readers of The Phairest Love blog know, but I am the YCL Leader for this year's Girl's Camp. I am so excited! I got the opportunity to go to camp last year and am looking forward to it again this year! Yay! I will admit that I am intimidated by this calling - I don't quite feel adequate to be a leader to these girls. I am loving it thus far and am looking forward to working with them more. Yay again! I bring this up because there was a YCL party...I mean meeting up at my parent's house. We were able to make tie dyed shirts, silver disk necklaces, disco dance, sing and eat! What more do you need?! It turned out really well - I was in charge of the meeting. haha I think all of the girls had a great time, because I know I did with them! While I was away, Nic finished our chairs. Good doobie Nic. :) Saturday, Nic was gone from 8:30 - 4 - Boo on that! He was gone to a lovely little class (I won't say anymore about that). haha In the early afternoon, I went to a Stake Women's Conference with Gordon H. Smith's (former senator for OR) wife, Sharon Smith. She's an absolute doll and I absolutely loved her talk. Here are some pointers from her talk:
  • Be more faithful than the Lord expects you to be
  • In a situation where you can choose to be right or kind, choose to be kind
  • How we react to diversity is a determining factor in our success
  • We have moutains in our lives - rain falls on the roofs of our lives. What are we doing to move our mountains? Go to the wise man who can give us the strength to move our mountains (lovely children's book title Minglo Moves a Mountain)
  • Look for the good in life when all seems gloomy
  • Consciously choose to be happy
  • What we see depends on what we're looking for - if we're seeking happiness, we'll find it
  • Stop wailing and look at the sustaining arm across your shoulder
It was a great talk by her and the spirit was oh so strong. We sang "The Lord is My Light" for the closing song, and I didn't sing one verse. I got to sit next to my mom and that's always a blessing to be with her. :) Love her. My dad introduced my mom and I to Sharon. She's an amazingly strong woman. There was a brunch and 3 mini classes that took place next. I only stayed for the brunch and wish I would've stayed for the classes, but unfortunately I had to study for a blasted test! Boo. haha Once Nic got home from his lovely class, he wanted to not sit and get out. It was BEAUTIFUL outside! We went to Wal-Mart and bought 3 loaves of bread ($.98/loaf). Bought a pizza for later that night - movie from RedBox to watch later. We headed to Moore Park and Veteran's Park to feed the duckies. Seagulls (aka Flying Rats) were rude to the ducks and all around. Boo. The ducks are so cute - I love feeding the ducks. It's a simple thing, but fun because we got to be outside. Bring on the sunshine!
Feeding the ducks at Moore Park
"Beautiful" lake - it really was pretty...scenery that is


mom-jayne said...

Such a cute pic of you two. Glad you had a good weekend. Loves...

suzanne said...

Looks so fun. The lake picture makes you think that it really is a pretty lake - You two look so happy!

Summer said...

Great pictures! It sounds like that conference was amazing. Those are some really good pointers that I could stand to listen to and apply right now. Thank you for sharing!