Thursday, January 7, 2010


For one of my classes this term, I get to volunteer at Head Start 2 hours per week. My first volunteer day was on Tuesday. I was so nervous to volunteer, but once I got into my assigned classroom all of my nerves went away. The kids were so welcoming and nice. I loved it!
I'm in a class of 15 5 year olds. There is a set schedule for every day that they are there Monday - Thursday, 8 to 11:20. I got there around 9 and left at 11. I loved being around the kids and the 3 teachers. The teachers were telling me a little bit about each of the kids and if they have a diagnosis. I observed the kids and made my own notes. I think later on in the term we really have to start observing a child's behavior and implement an intervention program. There are 3 kids in my class that belong to Early Childhood Intervention. Two of the kids work with a speech pathologist and the other kid might have Asperger Syndrome, but there is no real diagnosis. During my own observation, I made my own notes about a few of the kids that I might think of an intervention program for. Who knows!
All I know is that I loved every minute I was volunteering. It's fun because one of the teachers is a girl I graduated from high school with. I wish I could volunteer their everyday - maybe one day I could even work there. I can't wait to go back on Tuesday...

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