Tuesday, January 26, 2010

No NeWs

I really wish I had an "update post," but honestly I have nothing to blog about. I'm keeping busy with school and really enjoying this term. I'm absolutely LOVING volunteering at Head Start. I wish I was there everyday with my class. They are wonderful kids. I think I actually might turn in an application there...Dance team is going well. We have 3 weeks to learn a new routine for the "Pink Out." I'll give more details as it gets nearer - Feb. 13.
Nic is busy with work, his calling (EQ pres) and basketball. He's a busy boy, but I love how hard he works for our family. :)
Because my parents are in Hawaii for 2 weeks (*cough*stinkers*cough*), we are house sitting for them. It's kind like a little vaca for us - loving the space.
Seriously though, that's it. Nothing new to report. Same ol', same ol'. No news is good news...

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Summer said...

Nothing wrong with things just moving along the way they are supposed to!