Wednesday, August 4, 2010

CoUrAgE 2010

BEWARE: There are lots of pictures in this post - some are cuter then others.
Girls Camp was July 19-24. My good friend Chelsea and I were YCL Leaders again this year. I can't tell you how many younger girls thought I was just another YCL. haha This is me and Chelsea right when we got to camp:
The YCL cabin - we think they are stars :)
The YCL's this year were known as the Courageous Colonels: Camp theme was based on Joshua 1:9 with an "Army" emphasis on COURAGE: Presh: Our amazing YCL's: I was imitating the army guy that you can barely see: Beautiful lake: Swim time: There was a YCL skit that my mom wrote - Chelsea and I played the angel and the devil: An angel always needs glitter: Opposing sides, but still always friends: I will poke you with Stanley (aka the sharp stick). That would be my breakfast in that paper bag: an egg and bacon. Cooked over the fire: Enjoying the scenery: So many things happened at camp. One of them included my birthday! They made me this huge card and all of my YCL's and leaders signed it: I was also treated to a special birthday breakfast: Being monkeys, I guess... My Army man, while Nic was at home. Messing. Be happy: The last night of camp, the leaders decided to do a late night swim at midnight: We tried to be sneaky: There were only 3 of us brave enough to get in. We did some amazing tricks: Great way to end camp. Camp turned out amazing! I had a lot of fun being the YCL Leader - my girls were awesome!

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Miss K said...

whoa alli!! you look like a mix of summer and dani in some of these pics!! all in all....alli you is gorgeous honey!