Monday, August 23, 2010

PiRaTeS, tWiNs & FrIsCo

Here is what we have been up to as of late: pirate party, garden and SF
Pirate party. A week or so ago, my friend and I had a combined birthday party/get together at our house. It was a pirate themed party - such fun! Great food and company. We even played Pin the Patch on the Pirate. Too funny! I wish I had a video of when it was Nic's turn - it was hillarious! These are the invites we sent out:
Me and my pirate:
Garden. Nic and I have been enjoying the fruits...or vegetables of our labor. We planted a garden and have eaten quite a few things from it: radishes, spinach, beans, peas, peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers. We noticed a little something different on one of our cucumber plants...I told Nic maybe this is a sign we will be having twins someday...
SF. A few ladies (my mom, Aprial Appah and Judy Coffman) and I took a little road trip this past Friday and Saturday and headed to San Francisco. We shared quite a few laughs. HORSES! haha we stopped at a rest area and decided to put the top down...
And this is what happens if you're sitting in the back seat... We headed to Fisherman's Wharf as soon as we pulled into town. We were walking around and I saw this interesting guy... You would think that by this picture it was a pleasant encounter...ALL LIES. After this picture was taken he started giving me this 10 minute pep talk that this was his living and I'm not a good person because I didn't tip him (I honestly did not have cash on me). Because he stopped to take a picture with me, he was passing up opportunities with people who would tip him. Get over it! Get a real job then. I was not very happy. I said, "Fine, I'll delete the picture off my camera" and then walked away. The moment we get to SF and this is what happens. Rude. haha
We did some more walking around. Ghiradelli Square. They were passing out free chocolates. Alioto's for a late lunch. I HEART SEAFOOD! haha I would love to have this display in my fridge. haha To the hotel to get ready for WICKED. My mom is a-m-azing. Heart her. :) Mother, daughter. She made this trip possible. Let us in to the theater. Orpheum Theater for Wicked. Second row. Amazing. Talent. Fun. Love it...still. We had such a blast. Judy and April had never seen and loved it - how could you not? As soon as it was over, I wanted it to start again. Saturday. Hot chocolate from Starbuck's. Randomly decided to go into this little restaurant for breakfast. Tall man told us we made a good choice as we walked...he was right. We took our time taking in a San Francisco experience. Did some walking and headed to Chinatown. Great little shops. I didn't realize how BIG Chinatown was - long and wide. We couldn't leave SF without getting fresh Sourdough bread from Boudin and a stop at In 'N Out in Redding. Yummy. The 4 of us had a great time. Great memories. Lots of laughing. Thank you mom for making this trip wonderful for me. Thank you to Nic for supporting me in my girls' weekend. :)

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Dyan said...

Yes...I am also a believer the cucumbers may be a sign for you! Around the time I found out I was prego with the twins I was finding 2 peanuts in m&m's, 2 pits in a peach, green beans grown in a pair...seriously! you may have a fun future ahead of you! the SF trip looks like a blast!