Tuesday, August 3, 2010

SaLeM & sUnRiVeR

Keep checking for more updates...
It's the beginning of August and I'm making updates from the beginning of July until now - such a slacker. For 4th of July weekend, we headed to Salem for this little guy's blessing (my brother's boy) - Hudson Grant Stewart:
There was then a girl's week here in KTown, but I didn't take any pictures. There was lots of swimming, eating and playing involved. My whole family then headed to our yearly vaca in Sunriver:
I absolutely LOVE Sunriver. Fun family time, eating, bike riding, games, and more eating. We took very few pictures...Here we are at a local bar we went to. Messing! We went to the High Desert Museum:
Watching a bird show that was going on:
I love Bald Eagles:
This porcupine made me laugh. I thought he was dead - just lounging:
Park to play some frisbee:

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Tabatha & Frank said...

So fun! You have been one busy girl! I love bald eagles too! LOVE YOU!