Wednesday, August 4, 2010

StAr 23

I was sad that I could celebrate my STAR birthday with Nic, but he pampered me when I got home from Girl's Camp. The reason it was my STAR birthday was because I turned the age of the day when my birthday was. AKA I turned 23 on July 23.
Nic and I had a bet going on - if I won, he couldn't buy me anything and if he won, he could buy me something. Needless to say, I won the bet but because Nic is a spoiler he still did buy me something: a really sweet card that made me want to cry and an orchid plant (second fav flower next to Lilies). He also made me a delicious dinner on Sunday evening: cheese tortelini with alfredo sauce, cheesy garlic bread, and a yummy salad. It was so good. I think my favorite part was dessert...It started off with my closing my eyes. Nic then starts singing "Happy Birthday" oh so beautifully ;). I open my eyes and there's 2 twinkies: one has 2 candles in it and the other had 3 candles in it. He knows I love twinkies. :)
On Monday, my mom took me birthday shopping. PS Go shopping at Maurice's - they have amazing deals! My parents then treated us to a delicious birthday to Rooster's (privately owned steakhouse).
Us before dinner at Rooster's: My beautiful rents:

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Summer said...

I'm glad you got to do something fun to celebrate once you were back from camp!