Thursday, January 28, 2010


I found this really awesome website via one of my old roommate's sister. Go here for some really cool ideas for just about anything!

LaDy GaGa

I'm having technical difficulties uploading the video via Blogger and FB. I'll keep trying...For now, here is a picture of us before one of our performances. I know quiet a few of you were wanting to see our BlUe tops - I love them. They are fun to dance in because they SwIsH around. :) I look kind of AwK in this picture. haha Oh and well. The dance went great and the crowd LoVeS us. haha It's true though. Here is another one of us girls: Savannah, Marie, Me and Tiffany (L to R). Our dance for the PiNk OuT is well under way - 80's theme! It's going to be such a fun dance and a great way for me to end the season. :( Sad day. I only have 1 performance left on the dance team. Maybe I can somehow get back on for 1 last term. Hmm....

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


We all know what this is from...Michael Jackson's "Thriller." What does this have to do with me? There is a comedic lecture tomorrow about Zombies and OIT asked the dance team to do part of the Thriller dance at noon today in the College Union (where lots of students eat and hang out). 12:10 brought the music of "Thriller" and the dance team bustin' a move from his dance. No body knew about it and we were dispersed among the students eating lunch - dancing by random people. haha It was fun though. I was feelin' all Zombie-like today...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

No NeWs

I really wish I had an "update post," but honestly I have nothing to blog about. I'm keeping busy with school and really enjoying this term. I'm absolutely LOVING volunteering at Head Start. I wish I was there everyday with my class. They are wonderful kids. I think I actually might turn in an application there...Dance team is going well. We have 3 weeks to learn a new routine for the "Pink Out." I'll give more details as it gets nearer - Feb. 13.
Nic is busy with work, his calling (EQ pres) and basketball. He's a busy boy, but I love how hard he works for our family. :)
Because my parents are in Hawaii for 2 weeks (*cough*stinkers*cough*), we are house sitting for them. It's kind like a little vaca for us - loving the space.
Seriously though, that's it. Nothing new to report. Same ol', same ol'. No news is good news...

Friday, January 22, 2010

BaD rOmAnCe

Tonight is the night = dance performance #2. Dance team is dancing tonight at the basketball games to Lady Gaga's Bad Romance. It's such a fun dance! I love it way more then She Wolf. :) Wish me luck!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Last night, Nic and I had the privilege of going to The Coats concert. We got tickets as a Christmas gift from my parents. Thank you to my mom and dad, because we had a GREAT time. They are so talented and funny! Nic laughed so hard, which made me laugh. :) They are great entertainers. They sang some music off of their old albums, sang some new songs off their new album "Caught on Tape," and then sang requests. I forgot how much I loved going to their concerts. I think my favorite song they sang was one that Jaimie (second in from the R) wrote and sang to his wife at the altar. It was beautifully written. Sigh. (I always had a crush on him growing up). I have my own "Jaimie" to sing to me now - aka Nic. :) Thank you again to my mom and dad. If you want to learn more about The Coats, go here. They are amazing.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

How do you like my signature?


For one of my classes this term, I get to volunteer at Head Start 2 hours per week. My first volunteer day was on Tuesday. I was so nervous to volunteer, but once I got into my assigned classroom all of my nerves went away. The kids were so welcoming and nice. I loved it!
I'm in a class of 15 5 year olds. There is a set schedule for every day that they are there Monday - Thursday, 8 to 11:20. I got there around 9 and left at 11. I loved being around the kids and the 3 teachers. The teachers were telling me a little bit about each of the kids and if they have a diagnosis. I observed the kids and made my own notes. I think later on in the term we really have to start observing a child's behavior and implement an intervention program. There are 3 kids in my class that belong to Early Childhood Intervention. Two of the kids work with a speech pathologist and the other kid might have Asperger Syndrome, but there is no real diagnosis. During my own observation, I made my own notes about a few of the kids that I might think of an intervention program for. Who knows!
All I know is that I loved every minute I was volunteering. It's fun because one of the teachers is a girl I graduated from high school with. I wish I could volunteer their everyday - maybe one day I could even work there. I can't wait to go back on Tuesday...

Saturday, January 2, 2010


I love the fact that it's 2010! You want to know why? A. new year. B(the final reason). I graduate from college! It has only taken me 5 years, but I see the light. My last term of college starts on Monday, Jan. 4. Woo hoo! The final studying of studying will come to an end on March 18. My graduation is on June 12. No more college for me...unless I decide to get my MSW. Let the final term of college begin...