Wednesday, August 17, 2011

As Of LaTe

 As of late, I painted a canvas black...ok I did more then that.
  I put an inspiring quote on it
 Let's start painting
The finished product - I love how it turned out
As of late, my mom taught me how to sew! I love it oh so much. I've sewn a skirt, dress and this table runner.
 As of late, I would say Harr (pronounced "hair") Bear is settling in. He loves laying on our clothes. 
 He had a play date with his cousin Dazzle Phair
 They do love play time
 As of late, I love my boy's face. Does he not have the cutest face?! Answer: he does.
 As of late, I love my other boy more and more. I have 2 amazing boys in my life.
 As of late, we went to the park to play
 Harr Bear and dad. Yes that's right, I refer to us as his mom and dad. 
 Takin' a breather
 Such a hard life he has
This is what we've been up to as of late.


KP said...

aaaaw i love harr! he is so cute. how old is he? i want a doggy...we just have our cat. haha.

Molly said...

Cute post!