Tuesday, August 30, 2011

RoCkY pOiNt

 This past Saturday, a gentleman from our ward took us fishing in Rocky Point. We met him at 530 (yes in the am). Beautiful.
 Good morning! The sun is finally up.
 #1 Rainbow Trout caught by Gerry Hill
 Mt McLoughlin 
 Pelican. Such graceful birds...except when landing
 #2 Rainbow Trout caught by yours truly. :) He was a jumper. I squealed just like my mother predicted. I heart fishing!
 Beheaded - betailed - gutted. Ready for eating.
 Very pinky meat
Nic cooked the fish. For being such a seafood LOVER, it wasn't my fav fish. Tasted like lake water.
We had such a great time! So, Nic - when are we going again? :)


Dani said...

Way to go Al! That's a good sized fish... and yes, a disgusting one. They are too gamey, wild tasting, and nothing like seafood; lakefood. Looks like you have a knack for fishing though!

Shauna said...

looks like fun. i really need to go fishing sometime--i've never been. how did your fish taste?