Sunday, August 14, 2011

HuMbUg PhAiR rEuNiOn

Nic and I headed up the Oregon Coast to Humbug State Park for the Phair Family Reunion (12 adults - 15 kids). Unfortunately 3 of his siblings were unable to make it - they were missed. It was my first reunion and I had a great time with my in-laws!

I highly recommend the West Coast Game Park to anyone who is near Bandon - just south of it.

Staring contest between Craig and the llama...I think the llama won.

Wanderin' around the park

The Cape Blanco lighthouse is the furthest most western point in the United States. This was the first time I've been to a lighthouse.

We said our goodbyes and packed up and headed to Harris Beach for some fishing. I caught 3 fish!...Unfortunately they weren't ones I could keep. But hey! I still caught something. Nic also caught 3 of the same types of fish.

We had a great time. Thank you Phair Family - love you all!
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mom-jayne said...

Looks like so much fun!! You guys sure know how to have a good time!!

suzanne said...

Where's the staycation pictures from our family? Represent!!!!! jk