Saturday, June 21, 2014

TrAvEl DaY: JuNe 13

Let's get this posting started.
We are back from our week long cruise to Alaska/B.C. We had so much fun but it's great to be home!
KIC qualified for this trip through the insurance industry. Lucky us!
I'm breaking this trip up by days because there are so many pictures and stories to share. 
It won't bother me if you don't read anything and just look at the pictures, because Alaska is beautiful.

Our trip started on Thursday, June 12. We (me, N and E) headed over to Medford to do a little shopping and one of my best friends, Chelsea got married. So grateful to be a part of her special day.
N and I said goodbye as my parents whisked Everett away to watch him for a whole week!
I may or may not have shed a few tears. We spent the rest of the night at N's parent's house.

Friday, June 13 we got up bright and early and headed to the Medford airport and flew to Seattle.
We then took a bus through downtown Seattle to our ship, Celebrity Solstice.

 Checking in for the cruise. They take your picture and give you a sea pass card. 

 Sea pass card. This gets you off the ship, back on the boat and how you make purchases on the boat.
The logo with Celebrity Solstice is a X. Come to find out the X has something to do with the last name of the family who started the cruise line. They were Greek. 
 After getting on the ship, we had a few hours to become acquainted. Holy beautiful ship. 15 decks. 
The Solstice Theater on decks 4 and 5. There was a show here every night (which we went to ALL of them).
 Outdoor pool with 4 hot tubs. There was also an indoor pool.
 Seattle in the background. There was a lawn on the ship.
 Persian Garden. Those are heated tile lounge chairs (really comfortable actually). 
 Me being a dork. Surprise.
 Our home away from home: room 7177 on deck 7. Really nice room with a veranda.

At 4:30 PM we had a Muster Drill. If there was an accident we had to know where we were supposed to meet on the ship - we met in the Solstice Theater. We set sail at 5 PM.
When registering a few months ago, I was able to put that I didn't eat gluten. Let me tell you, they had yummy GF food on the ship. Everything was clearly labeled and so good! The desserts too!
We enjoyed a yummy dinner at the Grand Epernay (one of many restaurants on the ship) and a beautiful sunset. 
 We decided to be a little daring and try Es Cargoe. Yes that's right. Snail.

 It was.....DELICIOUS! I ordered another night we ate there. I loved every bite of it.
 After dinner, we headed to the Solstice for our first show at 10:30: Music through the Decades.

 It was a great show. There are 4 main singers with backup dancers. All so talented. They performed at almost all of the shows.
What a great first night on the cruise. 

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What a fun trip! Love seeing all your pictures.