Monday, June 23, 2014

At SeA: JuNe 14

Sunday, June 14 we were at sea all day. 
No worries though because each night they give you a calendar of events that's happening the next day.
There was never a dull moment on the Solstice - live music, shows, games, eating, shopping, drinking, etc.
Each morning I took a "selfie" because the background was never the same.
 After sleeping in until 9:30, we headed to a glass blowing show.
The glass blowers (there were 3 of them) were from the Corning Museum of Glass in NYC.

 She made a vase. 
He made a pitcher. 
 Just eating a hamburger...of glass. No worries.
 This guy stretched glass across the stage and then back again.
 We then headed to Bistro on 5 for crepe lunches. 
Yes that's right. GF crepes. Yum.
 We spent a little time in the library and then decided to go try out the hot tub. Worst idea ever. haha It was windy so the water was splashing in our faces and it was cold. All for the experience, right?
 It was time to get ready for the evening. We headed to the Ensemble Lounge to listen to the Sea Image Trio. The main singer was from Poland and she had a beautiful voice.
We enjoyed a yummy dinner again at the Grand Epernay.
Nic was daring and tried frog legs. He said they were ok. I would have but they were breaded.
 Showtime! Tonight's show was Ghostlight - a musical specifically written for the Solstice.
 Captain Berdos did a toast. They had a slideshow and then he really did make an appearance on stage.
Who was "driving" the ship? Cruise control?
The capacity of this ship is around 3,000 people and about half are staff. 
 Great music and dancing!
This show was was about a cast who just performed their last performance in the theater. 
They shared what their favorite musical was and sang bits and pieces of songs from that musical.
Some but not all: Hairspray, Rent, Wicked, West Side Story, Cats, Phantom of the Opera and more.

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