Friday, June 27, 2014

JuNeAu: JuNe 16

The morning of June 16 between 6 AM and 10 AM we sailed the Tracy Arm Fjord.
How it was described was a one-way street. You cruise down it to the glacier and then turn around and come back. Absolutely gorgeous. I could have posted every single picture I took, but I didn't. :) Enjoy!
But first...daily selfie.

 We even saw some seals hanging out on some ice.

 Do you see that really blue part of the ice? When it recently breaks off and surfaces, it gets that really pretty color of blue from being underneath the water for so long (I think).

 My attempt at being artistic. 

 Juneau was the only port that we had to take a tender boat in. Juneau can only be reached by plane or boat - no driving. So after casting the anchors, we got on a tender boat (short ride).

 The Gold Creek Salmon Bake is something you MUST do if you ever visit Juneau. Lucky for us, Allied basically bought it out for us to attend. Come and eat. Hang out if you want. Partake of the delicious salmon. And I did. :)
 After filling up on salmon (for me) and chicken (for N) we took a bus out to Mendenhall Glacier.
 There she be.

 Hey look! Mountain goats! No but for real. There really were mountain goats on this mountain. We got a very nice set of binoculars from Allied, so that's why we could see them. 
 It was a beautiful day in Juneau. While there, we learned the 5 kinds of salmon using your hand. Thumb = Chum. Pointer finger = Sockeye (poke you in the eye with your pointer). Middle finger = King Salmon (the biggest finger is the biggest fish). When you flip someone off it's the Salmon Salute. Ring finger = Silver Salmon (you normally wear silver on this finger). Pinkey = Pink Salmon. Who knew? I will now never forget thanks to Juneau.
Taking the tender back to the ship, we watched an eagle land on this lamp post. They really are everywhere in Alaska. 
After arriving back on the ship, we headed to the evening's show of Pulse. Singing and dancing. 

 There are 2 people in this net.
 Celtic tap. I could do that...right.