Wednesday, June 25, 2014

KeTcHiKaN: JuNe 15

We arrived in Ketchikan on the morning of June 15. Daily selfie.
We were greeted with rain and rain.
 On the ship they only have Coke products. I'm not a fan of Diet Coke but I do love me some Coke Zero. 
If you know us, you know we like...ok love Diet Mt Dew.
We may or may not have bought a few bottles. :)
 Popcorn store? Yes please.
 We walked around downtown and enjoyed the little shops. We went into an art gallery and this is the first thing you see: a Wolly Mammoth tusk. Eddie Lee spent 4 years carving intricate details into this tusk that is 10,000+ years old.

 Ketchikan is called Alaska's 1st City not because it was the first city of Alaska but because it's the 1st city that lots of cruise ships stop at.
 After walking around downtown, we headed to get some food. 
There was a luncheon for Allied insurance agents. You could come and go as you please to eat yummy food.

 We then headed to the Totem Heritage Center.
There is so much to be said about totems, or "o-doo-dems." They are chalk full of history and heritage. Beautifully hand carved. NOT worshiped. What would you put on your totem?

 Yes. N is rowing.
 The young woman that was working there told us a lot of interesting stories. She showed us a picture of grandfather that she doesn't show to people. It was so neat to listen to her talk about her heritage.

 We were comparing the size of these leaves to N's head. They were huge (no offense N)

 The bus we took to the center.
We then headed to Creek Street - AKA the red light district in Ketchikan. 
Obviously not that anymore. Now there are store that are built on top of the water. 

 If any of you have been to Hawaii, you know they are famous for the ABC stores. They are everywhere.
Alaska has their own "ABC" store.
 We did buy some candy from here, but we thought the name was clever.
We went to a store in Ketchikan called Salmon Etc. We tried different samples of delicious salmon and I came home with salmon in a can. Sounds weird, but oh my gosh is it good!
 Beautiful scenery as we sail away from Ketchikan.
 We got ready for the evening and headed to a cocktail reception.
 Awesome ice sculpture.
 We enjoyed another yummy dinner at the Grand Epernay. This time we sat at a reserved table with a few other couples and got to meet Kevin. N knows him and he's some uppity-up. Super nice guy and we had a great dinner.
Tonight's show was...BRONCAR LEE.
When I tell you about him it's going to sound weird, but it was a great show! We laughed and laughed. Broncar Lee is an amazing beat boxer, juggler, entertainer. Look him up. 
Before the show started, we were just chatting and sipping on a beverage. A couple sits down to Nic and they start talking. Randomly she asks Nic if we are Mormon. Is it really that obvious? 
Tonight we met Dan and Margie. They have 9 kids and their youngest is 14. It was not the last time we saw them, because we instantly became friends. 
 Broncar. Lee.

 More beautiful scenery of Alaska.
 In the Grand Foyer on deck 3 they had a Groove Party. Dancing and singing. There were even dancers in the elevators going up and down. 
We danced the night away!

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