Monday, June 14, 2010

ClAsS oF 2010

I did it. I graduated from college. I can't even believe that I'm finished. 4 1/2 years. Here's a re-cap of commencement: Saturday, June 12, 2010.
Technically, it started on Thursday. My brother and SIL, Sam and Nikki surprised me and showed up at my house with my mom! What a lovely surprise. :) My other brother, Ben and Sharon came into town as well. My grandparents from AZ flew into town. I had lots of family from Nic's side of the family come as well. Nic and I went to a BBQ for all of the graduates on Thursday as well. We also got hats from the Paper Owl - mine is a beanie and his is a baseball hat.
Saturday. I woke up probably around 4 or 5 a.m. because I had this HORRIBLE dream about commencement, and then I couldn't fall back asleep. haha I think it was a mixture of nerves/excitement. Because I graduated in Applied Psychology, I'm right at the beginning of the line for processional. There was a lone bagpiper that led us - so cool.
Coming in
Sitting in my chair waiting for everyone else to march in
The commencement speaker was Greg Walden and I really enjoyed his speech (short and sweet) - surprisingly funny too. Here I am receiving my diploma from the president, Chris Maples (he gave me a hug). I will post a video that Nic took of me receiving it.
Family in the audience - they cheered loud for me :)
Brothers Sam and Ben and my dad
My diploma!
After commencement ended (only took 2 hours), we headed to take some pictures. Here is the graduate. hehe
Me and Nic - yay
My amazing parents - love them :)
My grandparents from AZ
It seems like a dream. I can't believe that that part of my life is OVER. I hope to go to graduate school, but not now. The support and love from my parents, Nic and my in-laws is a blessing. My parents are wonderful. They have been by my side every step of the way and got me to this point. :)
Keep scrolling down to find out what happened after Commencement.....

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mom-jayne said...

Ali...congrats!!! So happy for you!! G&G had a wonderful time and were so happy to be a part of the celebration. Sounds like you post-grad party was a great time. G&G say your home is wonderful...guess I'll have to come visit and see for myself. :)
Anyway..happy for you.