Wednesday, June 2, 2010

MoUsE sToRy

The mouse story.
I was waiting in my parent's room for Nic so we could start watching a movie. I hear Nic yelling for me to come quick (he was in the laundry room). Of course, I think he's hurt so I go running. He's not. Nic wants me to grab a pitcher or something because there's a mouse - I tell him there's one in the laundry room and I dare not go in there because I'm freaked out. Ew. Such a girl. He said the mouse had run out from under the washer and went back under. I'm standing in the doorway to the laundry room and Nic is standing at the washer, pitcher in hand trying the get the mouse to come out. No more then 3 minutes later, I look down at my feet and the little mouse runs right by my feet. Ahh! Of course I scream...
The mouse is now out of the laundry room and in the dining room. We have to make sure this mouse does NOT go anywhere else or else he is roaming free on the main floor of my parents house. We're stomping our feet to keep it from running elsewhere. The mouse comes to a point where Nic creeps up on him and puts the pitcher over him. Miss, but gets his tail. Nic once again tries to trap the mouse, but the mouse was faster.
We're stomping our feet to make sure he doesn't elsewhere again and we get him to a corner. Nic creeps up on him and bam! Pitcher on the mouse. He's trapped and jumping trying to get out. Too bad. Nic grabs some large envelope that was on the counter and we set him free outside. Where does the mouse go? To the side of the house to see if he can get in.
Once we're inside, we can see that there's a lovely circle of blood on the envelope. Oops. That means there's blood on the floor and of course in the pitcher. The envelope is addressed to "President Paul Stewart." Sorry dad. We looked on the floor and there is a circle of blood on the floor where we caught the mouse - no where else...we think. We were crouching on the floor, inspecting. Thanks to catching the mouse's tail the first time, that's where the blood came from. Apparently, mouse blood is thick. Nasty.


Miss K said...

ugh ugh ugh!!! i hate mice!!! that is a really gross story, but also funny! i was just imagining it in my head as i read and laughed and laughed and laughed! i hate mice.

Sharon said...

Pretty nasty! We have been catching mice in our garage! So gross.

Dyan said...

my feet are up off the floor!! so gross!