Wednesday, June 30, 2010

"ThIs Is HoW wE dO iT"

Nic and I headed to the Crater High School class of 2000 10 year reunion (June 26). We were able to get all "dolled" up and head to the Rogue Regency Inn to eat and mingle. It was a lot of fun! Got to meet some really nice people Nic went to high school with - even got to see some not so good karaoke. haha The story that I kept hearing all night was, "Every time I hear Montell Jordan's 'This Is How We Do It,' I think of Nic." I had to hear the story behind it...for a talent show, Nic put together a live band and sang that song. Rapping and everything. On the way home, I got a private show. (Go here for a reminder of the song and video) He remembered all of the words even! That's my rapper! We totally forgot our camera, but Michelle (SIL) was nice enough to snag a few pix of us.


natalie said...

looks like fun! 10 year reunion seems like an eternity for me still.... ha!

Miss K said...

alli!! you look totally gorgeous!!! you are booth so dang cute! loves!

Em & Gar said...

One of my favorite memories of nic is when I came to visit and I was like 14 and he showed me that video and then we were driving in his truck and he turned on some crazy rap hip hop stuff I hadn't really heard before and sang the whole thing to me. hahaha. good times!