Friday, October 14, 2011

BaCk UpDaTe

Remember this post about my back pain? I went to my primary doc yesterday afternoon to discuss it. I got some X-Rays done right then and there. We looked at them and he said structurally everything looks nice and healthy. He said he would talk with radiology but really didn't think he missed anything. My spine is a little crooked but nothing to worry about. He prescribed me an anti-inflammatory and recommended back stretches and core strengthening (the las time I did this, it hurt my back). The doc also said that I have to be careful with the core strengthening because it can hurt your back.

Fast forward to last night at 5:45. I received a call from my doctor. Uh oh. No one wants a call after hours. The doc said he talked with the radiologist and my L5 vertebrae is tipped forward - L5 sits right on top of your sacrum. No wonder why it hurts worse when I'm sitting. He also said that I have the beginnings of arthritis which means we have to keep a closer eye on my back. Arthritis? Really? I thought this was only supposed to happen to older people (no offense to anyone). I'm 24, right? He wrote me a prescription for Physical Therapy. I'm interested to see what they'll have me do. I'm hoping I'll see results with the anti-inflammatory, the PT and stretching and strengthening.

Sometimes I feel like the insides of my body are a lot older than the outside. I specifically remember my IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) doc saying that I had 40-year old eggs. Apparently I also have a 40-year old spine. At least the outside is looking young. :)

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Savannah said...

Bummer deal! Another friend of ours was diagnosed with the same thing this week! You'll be in our prayers!