Wednesday, October 7, 2009

dancing shoes

Who's ready to put their dancing shoes on? I AM! Today was another exciting meeting: OIT dance team. That's right - I am joining the OIT dance team. They dance during half time at the men/women basketball games. Anyone is welcome to join. Before a game, you have to try out for the game to make sure you're ready. No one is required to dance at halftime - you could join just to join! I'm joining because I miss dance like crazy! You could say that this is more of a rally squad. The dances will be mostly hip hop (not my strongest). I'm so nervous though. I haven't danced in a few years, but this will be so good for me. I had been talking to Nic and telling him that I miss dance. He said to go dance then. Where? With who? Dance classes are out of the question right now...until now! Even though I danced for quite some time, I feel like I haven't had my fill of it. I've got a fever and the only medicine that will cure it is more dancing! haha Nic is so excited for me and I'm so grateful that he's supportive of me doing what I want to do. This will be so good for me. It's time to get out my dancing shoes!


Sharon said...

Sounds like fun! That will be so great for you!

Summer said...

That will be such a great opportunity! And a fun way to get some exercise in! You'll have to post pictures once you get your groove on!

Phairforce said...

Lucky, :-)